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5 social media trends that will dominate 2018

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Date 20/10/2017

Nowadays a brand is trying more than ever to connect with it's users in a meaningful way. It becomes much harder for brands to capture users’ attention because they receive tons of information daily, most of it useless. Each day, the average user scrolls through 300 feet of content but a brand has limited time to capture his attention. 
According to this, here are five key trends that will have a big impact on your social media strategy in 2018.

1.Chatbots will make customer service faster and easier

Chatbots have evolved, they are not robotic anymore like the clunky machines from the past. Nowadays, they are able to send personalized content directly to users. They can imitate human behavior as a conversational partner. Chatbots give you the opportunity to interact quickly with your audience in a personal manner. 
If this machine is capable to create stories that seem genuine and relatable, then it's marketing potential is very big. 

2.Ephemeral is here to stay

In 2018, ephemeral content will provide the best engagement rate. Ephemeral content is as short-lived as it comes, and it can last for 24 hours. After that, it disappears forever.
Ephemeral was brought in the public consciousness by Snapchat and became a heavy piece of content that is impermanent. This type of content changed the way users post. 
Ephemeral offers the users the advantage of exclusivity because posts disappear for good, there’s an exclusivity to view them. To be effective, the content has to be actual and genuine. 

3. Rise of augmented reality (AR) on mobile devices

Augmented reality (AR) has been used for years in video gaming and military applications. Now, thanks to technology and innovation, AR seems destined for the mobile market. 
The use of AR on mobile devices turned out to be quick, easy to implement and very interactive. 

4.Influencer marketing will remain effective

Influencer marketing will continue to be popular. Most of all, consumers want authenticity from influencers. That’s why, in 2018,  building meaningful content will be the key to social media success. 
For a good ROI, you have to build a solid relationship with social influencers and to know your audience very well. 

5.Video is a must!

“Not doing short video is not an option”, said Facebooks Creative Strategist Kat Hahn at Social Media Week in London. In 2017, video represents 90% of all content shared by users on social media.
When it comes to video, the biggest challenge is to capture the attention of the user in first 3 seconds. The video content becomes our main consumption in a mobile world. 
David Wilding, Head of Planning at Twitter, said that video is more than a strategy: it becomes a tactic. In other words, you need a strategy to communicate with video content. Setting clear goals and making a video campaign after that will ensure you a high rate of success. 
In the near future, all the content we consume will be video. That’s why you have to make sure that your video content is engaging and it's high quality. It’s better to test different types of content to see what is most efficient and how you target relates to it.