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Forecast: Mobile ads will win 30% of global budgets until 2020

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Date 19/06/2018

Mobile is on track to conquer advertising world. Zenith’s Advertising Expenditure Forecasts says that until 2020, a third of the total advertising value would be driven to mobile segment – 187 bn dollars.
This value is more than double than the expenses for desktop advertising and television. The forecast is that by 2021, mobile advertising will overthrow TV. 

The perception gap between young and old audiences

The newest report from Euclid explores the way customers interact with brands and how they manage to gain their trust. There are also included the benefits to retailers issued from the brand-customer relationship. As expected, there is a cleavage between older and younger shoppers - e.g., baby boomers vs. millennials. The main difference is that the younger shoppers were more inclined toward brands that resonate with their life principles and politics. More than a half from the millennials included into the study wanted retailers to embrace and communicate their values. Meanwhile, only 35 percent mention those aspects as being important.
Even though the older generations might believe that the younger public might not be so keen on developing strong beliefs regarding morals, politics and values, the study shows off the contrary.  A strong majority of respondents – 85 percent enjoyed the idea that organizations support charity actions.

Even though the pivotal growth is more than obvious, Zenith says that the other media channels shouldn’t be neglected at all.

“The mobile device in our pockets is becoming the gateway to our media world, but its brand-building capabilities are still in question – simply applying old practices to new technology may not translate to brand growth,” said Vittorio Bonori, Zenith’s global brand president.

It might seem obsolete, but television is a good tool for advertising recall. The numbers show that ads on TV were 53% more effective at driving recall among new or light buyers. We cannot state the same about mobile ads – less effective at 41%.
But the biggest leverage of mobile ads is that they work on instant gratification, just like the contemporary generation of millennials – brand can obtain results on the spot.