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How push notifications will survive to the DISABLE button in 2018? Consumer survey research

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Date 15/01/2018

Helpful, but a complete distraction, say the respondents. It should be mentioned though that push notifications are way more improved than they were in 2015. On the other hand, 71% of people questioned on the Appiterate platform say that push notifications determine the disabling of a mobile app.
Marketers became better at mobile communication, but there is still room for sprucing up their techniques.   

The takeaway is that the perception of push notifications as a useful marketing tool has improved, but they are still considered non-valuable pieces of information. 

Question 1: How many weekly push notifications from one app will cause you to disable push notifications for it?

But none of this can be a mathematical parameter. It's also important to take into consideration the impact of the push campaigns in order to count the push notifications mobile marketers can send without increasing push disablement.

Question 2: How many weekly push notifications from one app will cause you to stop using the app altogether?

Based on this survey, push notifications that add the most value are ones triggered by a user’s stated preferences. About 49% percent of respondents said these types of notifications cause them to use an app more. Notifications triggered by in-app behavior are most likely to cause them to use an app less.


1. Non-invasive way. Recommendation: Start with one push per week for behavior-based campaigns. Behavior tracking in a world afraid of freedom violation can be really annoying. It's already shown that 90% of people can tolerate one push per week without pushing the DISABLE button.
2. More filter criteria: selecting the audience was always a good idea. You should give the public options to receive specific notifications. For example, you can add various preferences: product category, specialty, local product.
3. Don't randomly send notifications. Schedule and account the number of campaigns you launch, because the more you send, the more likely people are to disable push.
4. Never omit a location filter for the push notifications. After customized preferences, location was voted the most significant criteria for push notifications.