Even though the professional network has not kept up the pace of change as fast as the other competitors from social media field did, now LinkedIn improve its positions and introduces carousel ads up to 10 customized and swippeable cards within one ad. The intention of the company is to humanize the business-to-business relationship and marketing activities and bring some nuanced and more colorful ways of interacting with companies.  
The carousel ads is expected to increase awareness, generate leads and send traffic to multiple landing pages. The integration seems to be already successful. 75% of the advertisers that registered to beta trial have noted raised engagement.
For conversion driven advertisers, metrics like number of leads and impressions can be accessed for each card, integrated to Campaign Manager tool.
Even though LinkedIn’s transitions to ad tech resources has been a bit slow compared to the other players in the arena, the networked has gained a valuable position in B2B marketing. In addition. LinkedIn has one of the highest positions considering lead generation.