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The risks of using AI. How far can marketers go with relying on chatbots and games

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Date 05/04/2018

There’s no expressed intentions in any brief that brands or services to created confusion, but at a certain point with the AI conquering most parts of advertising communication, we may all be concerned about how much we can rely on using chatbots and games.
Machine learning is one of the best inventions and helps a lot the industry, but no one would like to see the users alienated by this kind of messages. One might ask where is the soul of the commercial? Is it in the machine? Not really…


As we all already know, AI processes can help marketers express and address their public, but there’s still so much creative land to cover. There’s not everything about bots and games. What AI can really do? Well, a better data selection, an audience improvement, a more accurate segmentation and target ad campaigns, create patterns and bring customers to your platform.
The good results of these implementations made marketers to wish and experiment for more in the AI field.


AI – the perfect tool if you want to keep up with other marketers

The use of AI in your marketing plan is very necessary if you want to stay in the game. The sensitive part is not to get too far from your users in the rush for acquiring lots of data.
But here comes the question: where is the soul in all this rush?


Keeping alive the human flame

In the automatization rush, it’s pivotal that we keep the human touch. The role of AI is to work smarter and faster along humans, not to replace their attributes. There are also some limitations in companies that can disturb the AI flow. Even though some organizations are able to receive users’ orders through chatbots, there are also some setbacks that cannot be solved by AI. So, in order to correctly evaluate the customer experience, it’s imperative to have a human supervision. The chatbots have limits are very seldom they cannot find the proper answers for some questions.  There will be some moments when your clients won’t tolerate the bugs in your system.