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Use Chatbots for Innovative Advertising Campaigns. 5 Case Studies to Inspire You

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Date 18/09/2017

Chatbots are artificially intelligent pieces of software, capable of maintaining conversations with humans. They can already do some incredible things, such as operating a medical helpline, helping you plan your vacation, and even talking with you when you can’t sleep.

American research firm Gartner predicts that 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human by 2020. Given this, businesses are beginning to invest and experiment with bots, creating tools that have the capacity to assist the customer during and after a sale and provide personalized support, recommending products and services. Facebook Messenger alone now has more than 100,000 bots.

In the world of advertising, this represents a huge step. By using chatbots in your campaigns, you can bring your brand personality to life and increase engagement. They give you the possibility of creating unique brand experiences, with tailored content.

According to an article posted on AdWeek, in order to create a successful chatbot, it is important to make sure that you integrate into its features at least one payment option and to allow it to map the purchase patterns of your users. Also, your chatbot should provide a human-like interaction, with personal messaging that will guide the customer along the buying journey.

Case studies

Debt Collector- creating a cool and funny character, in order to engage with a younger audience

Sparkasse is Germany’s oldest bank. To get young people excited about its newest product- Kwitt they launched an online campaign with an unusual testimonial: a debt collector.

Users could hire him for various missions via Facebook Messenger – from collecting money to inviting friends to a party. Behind the concept was the world’s first chatbot to feature creative storytelling.

#fortherestofyourlife- When life gives your users lemons, your chatbot helps them make lemonade

The integrated campaign for EYRI Iceland Mattresses featured an AI argue-bot to simulate pointless conversations with the user’s ex and a cross-promo on Tinder, exploring the idea that after a messy breakup, a good mattress is the second most important thing to have upon securing a top-notch lawyer.

The campaign included a social media outreach with the hashtag #fortherestofyourlife, OOH, a micro-site with an AI Chatbot, a presence on Tinder for the recently single and a running promo offering 50% off mattresses.

Chatbot Bio Cosmos- creating brand experiences by letting users have dialogues with your product.

“Dialogue with the artwork” is an initiative from the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires to get people closer to art through technology.

Bio Cosmos chatbot was developed to give the art piece a voice and a personality, with the objective of making easier the interaction between the art and the visitors of the museum. The chosen work was “Bio Cosmos” by Emilio Renart.

Hardwell - Facebook Messenger Bot- using chatbots to interact with your social media community

Hardwell delivered a world first fan experience for the dance music industry by creating a chatbot that allowed its millions of fans to interact with him like never before, all through Facebook Messenger.

By using the chatbot, fans could chat with Hardwell and receive answers to hundreds of different kinds of questions or receive exclusive updates and advanced teasers of new tracks and music videos. They could also submit fan art, receive exclusive giveaways and even browse through the latest Hardwell apparel and merch.

One of the core pieces of functionality of the chatbot was the Track of the Week voting mechanic, that allowed the audience to listen to audio samples and share and vote on its favorite, all without leaving Messenger.

Also, they gave fans a way to have their own shout-outs featured on the show simply by leaving Hardwell an audio message using the chatbot, the best of which were then broadcasted as part of the on-going “Fan Shout-Out of the Week” feature.

Fast Company Chatbot- An Event Planner’s Best Friend

The Fast Company Innovation Festival is an annual event with more than 5,000 attendees from around the world. Unique to the conference are “Fast Tracks,” where attendees go inside companies reshaping the business landscape. But this structure also makes the event expansive- with over 100 venues and hundreds of speakers, attendees need help navigating the entire conference.

The solution was to create a chatbot- developed on Facebook Messenger- that would guide the attendees and would help them to get the most out of the week-long conference.

The responsive tool was an engaging way to answer common questions like, “When is the next session?” and “How do I get there?”

Most conversations took less than 2 taps to get the answer they were looking for, whether that was the closest food, ticket availability, or their next session.