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What a call to action button can do for a brand

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Date 16/05/2018

Some voices name them the saviors of business pages on Facebook and they are likely to become one of the best assets a page can have.
Call to actions buttons have a big potential for increasing a brand popularity and help at developing a good connection between brands and users. It’s all about bridging up the gap.
The goal of introducing call to action buttons was to select the audience to the specific advertising campaigns, a sort of communication filters. So what actually a call to action button does is to create a link for users and the Facebook destination in order to engage more and align consumers’ actions to brands’ intentions. The most common call to action buttons on Facebook are contact us, use app, book now, shop now, play game, watch video and sign up.

A great addition for advertisers and marketers

The biggest change call to action buttons was to put at users’ disposal a whole range of apps and assets, meaning a massive redirection of audiences to other sites and pages only at a log on move distance.
It’s important for a business to wisely and effectively use CTA buttons in order to obtain conversions. Below you can find a short description of how the most known call to action buttons can be used at their best.  

• Book now – hospitality, restaurant, services, and clinics. Anyone that needs an appointment can use it.
• Use App – for Facebook pages that are promoting an app and they intend to raise the download number of the app.
• Contact us is probably the most used CTA by brands that want to get in contact with clients. A link to an URL would be more useful in order to get users directly to your website page. by
• Shop now – driving users to ecommerce websites and trying to increase the sales
• Play Game – as the name already says is, this is a CTA button that allows the users to get a preview of the game they want to download it.
• Watch video – especially used for corporate videos
Hint: use the native upload on Facebook in order the CTA to be more effective.
• Sign Up is a button that for leads collecting.

Why a CTA is important to Facebook posts?

CTA buttons are the targeted message to users to connect with brands. Once the consumers are on your page, you give them directions which will lead to increasing EdgeRank meaning what Facebook uses to decide how often they should show your posts on your fans’ news feeds.
If we were to compare call to action buttons and strictly posts where you write call to action texts, there will be definitely a strong reaction from users towards CTA buttons. Even better, CTA allows brands to trace the leads they get.