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What can easily destroy your digital marketing campaign. 7 things you should avoid

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Date 31/01/2018

When it comes to user experience and increasing sales activities, any minimal change on colors and fonts can be critical. Likely on mobile apps, the implemented improvements can have a pivotal impact on conversions rates. So, there we go, at the root of the issue – not assuming risks and stay into the comfort zone or changing strategy and execute a marketing plan that could produce significant turbulence on consumers’ minds.

How being too cautious can stop the creative flow


One of the most important features of a marketing campaign is to generate dynamic content and to have a good blend of elements. The goal is to increase the app’s popularity and capitalize on image. So, here’s what developers should pay attention to when conversion rates are poor. There are a few things that could destroy a marketing campaign.

1.    Outdated App Store Optimization

A reduced conversion might be caused by an outdated metadata apps. The advice is to update the apps at least once a month. The key elements are the title, keywords, main description, short description (Google Play) and a Promotional Text (iOS). Keeping an eye on these elements might be critical for conversions rate. The updates of them help the users get a more complex experience and obtain useful and reliable information to make the purchase.
The changes don’t have immediate impact. They should be monitored during a couple of weeks for having a good image of their performance.

2.    The lack of creative elements in developing the app.

There’s not only about a good functioning, but about the colors, fonts and icons. That’s why a creative design can dramatically improve conversion rates and we use to say that even a small change in this area can influence the number of purchases. The aspect should be original, useful and engaging. It also matters have easy the consumer understands the apps’ functionalities at a glimpse and the purpose of the app.

3.    Being afraid of riding the marketing waves

The strategies are not like unmovable rocks. Riding the new waves of the social media trends it’s essential to keep your business sane. There are two main directions on which the developers can take some actions, not only for keeping their clients close, but also to widen the horizon for new targets. For example, gamification, interactive and live streaming ads are very popular trends for 2018.

4.    Avoiding paid campaigns

Paid ads on specific channels as Apple Search Ads and Google AdWords are a pivotal slice of the customer purchase path. Search Ads allow developers to target customers by bidding on keywords to range their paid ad in first positions of browsers, increasing the app’s popularity against other similar services in the market.
There are also tools like Google AdWords Universal Ad Campaign (UAC)that allow promotions on its various connected platforms such as Google Search, Google Display Network (GDN), YouTube, and the Google Play Store.
Even though you might consider it inefficient, paying for ads might be a real wise call. Because in this industry there are a lot of other competitors that might be paying for getting in higher ranges right away.

5.    Neglect retargeting potential users

The clients that once you’ve contacted but you haven’t succeeded in converting them should not be completely ignored. They might get to you eventually. Maybe your first strategy was wrong and it might be helpful to try new method

6.    Forgetting about good and inspiring added content

Good and inspiring content for your target audience might have a good reward at the end of the day. It works like a good incentive for users to get engaged with the app. So, in the end, it might get you what you want: increased conversions. Hint: e-books, tips and extra-tools offered freely.

7.    Dramatic cost haircut

Paying attention to expenses is a very good move for keeping the business sane. It might have though a bad influence if the budget gets too small. Due to the little demand for ad space, you might experience smaller advertising rates at the beginning of the year. You can reach your potential customers at a significative lower price.

Some Takeaways

Always keep an eye on new strategies and trends and keep up the pace with new technologies and tools. Also, don’t ignore the ads of platforms like Search Ads and Google AdWords while trying to ride new digital waves.