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Why Google Shopping Ads tool shouldn’t be neglected by retailers

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Date 29/03/2018

Before diving into the subject, we should mention that the following fragments are mainly inspired by Perry Marshall, Mike Rhodes and Bryan Todd’s book Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords.

Shopping ads can be noticed by being displayed as a carousel under your Google search. Or maybe as squarish visuals with the price tag under the pics. They all are displayed at the top of Google search pages. There are some cases when they appear under the AdWords paid promotions, but other times in the upper – right corner. What is the display algorithm working? Google will show 4 – 8 of these pics on a results page. Also, it will display the image of the product, the price, the 30-letter title and some descriptive text.

Usually, these ads grab users’ attention and attract higher ROI than through AdWords campaigns. This is what numbers show.
Hint: Spend time on your title and description. The more precise, the more appealing and visible your campaign.
Very similar to Amazon listings, the reviews – the stars under the products – are very effective in grabbing customers’ attention. A review might raise your conversion rate but also could invalidate your listing if bad. The stars are a reassurance of the value of the product. It might be better to have a third-party platform of reviews. It’s more reliable than an internal one and also helps you optimize your site for Google and other aggregators.

How to list your product stock to AdWords and enjoy the results of your promotions

1.    The complete list of the products you want and the other must-have data

Exporting your product list might not be that easy especially if you’re not a technical wizard or you’re creating a Shopping Ad campaign for the first time. So, you should be guided on how to gather your data and fill in the columns – price, barcode, description, brand, image, availability etc.

2.    Start a Google Merchant Center (GMC) account

It’s free to open the account and your goal should be transferring the data from your site on the Google Merchant Center account.  It all is done right and the table data is correct, the updates will be made automatically, at the same time with your inventory changes. If your stock is moving fast, the best solution for you is to check the daily update button to have a very realistic evaluation of your sales and stock.  

3. Some help from AdWords account won’t cause any damage. On the contrary

Linking AdWords and GMC is a double step process – firstly, you should send a request from Merchant Center to AdWords account.

How to make it live?

Create a new campaign “Campaign” button “Shopping option”
And after this chain there will be shown the usual options from the setup and the products from your list will be automatically put into one ad group called "All products." But the ads shouldn’t start right away because it’s clear that will be the same cost per click and this is irrational if the products are very different in terms of price, value and popularity. So, the next legit step will be splitting the products into more subgroups. The criteria? Well, a selected number of attributes, brands etc. Once the division finished, you can start to adjust the CPC for each of them.
Before setting up the running campaign, you should set the conversion tracking option in order to see the amount of sales. You should add in AdWords the column called "Conversion Value / Cost."
It’s very important to track these metrics that are like the Return on Ad Spent and allows you to eliminate or decrease what’s poorly delivering.
Important piece of advice: Never increase the bid more than 10% at a time.