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Drupal 10 achieves higher performance and steps into the future of omnichannel

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Date 26/09/2022

The value of a seamless digital experience

Technology is moving faster than ever and even the most traditional consumers expect to have customized experiences from website layouts over multiple devices.

To satisfy these shifting needs and accomplish KPIs and corporate objectives, organizations need to adjust their pace.

In contrast to the 63% of consumers who won't buy from businesses with insufficient personalization, 66% of consumers expect brands to understand their needs, according to a Salesforce survey. These numbers show clearly how important customization is for marketers and companies throughout the world.

As it is an integral part of its digital experience, content is one of the most valuable assets of a business. Therefore, choosing a modern content management system that can mutate with the developing technologies is important.


Drupal, a leading CMS in 2022

Among the top content management systems, or CMS, that can power your website, Drupal is widely mentioned. This open-source, incredibly adaptable platform, has stood out in the market for years thanks to its capability to provide worldwide organizations with efficient content management and a positive digital experience.

The digital experience platform (DXP) features of this enterprise-level CMS make it a highly effective tool that provides web experience management, outstanding customer-centric and personalized experiences, multilingual capability, extensibility via APIs, seamless integration with marketing tools, and SEO support.

As a result, major corporations including the Red Cross, Harvard, Government of Australia, Tesla, NASA, and Twitter are among Drupal's clients.


Top Benefits of Drupal


All security issues reported to Drupal's Security Advisory are tracked and resolved by a dedicated team of security specialists. Additionally, the expanding Drupal community is continually scanning for vulnerabilities and keeping an eye out for malicious or corrupted code.

Numerous core and contributed modules that support two-factor authentication, password security, and out-of-the-box password encryption capabilities further increase Drupal's security.

Tailored User Experiences

There are a number of Drupal modules available for personalization, including the Commerce Recommender, Smart Content, Acquia Lift Connector Integration, Browsing History Recommender, and Context-Menu Block.

By clicking on the Place Block button, Drupal makes it quicker and simpler to modify the appearance of content. You can create custom blocks for your UI using the Custom Block module, ensuring that the content on your website is consistent.

Search Engine Optimized

Drupal is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for SEO.  Drupal modules make it simple to implement a wide range of additional SEO capabilities, such as easily maintained Meta Tags and generating SEO-friendly URLs for various websites using a process that is directly integrated into Drupal's core. 

The built-in taxonomy system in Drupal makes it very simple to categorize everything. Rich keyword organization and tagging are simple.

Boosts Website Performance

Due to a wide range of tools, including image optimization, JavaScript minimization, caching, code enforcing, and content delivery networks, Drupal websites run fast and are not bulky.


It gets even better-The Outstanding Features of Drupal 10!

The most recent Drupal 10 version introduces fresh design elements and important adjustments to your eCommerce CMS. Both the current and next versions of Drupal provide significant advantages that can improve your company's web and app experiences.

Let's examine a few of the improvements that Drupal 10 will offer us so that we can have a better experience.

With a considerable update to the frontend and backend aesthetics and a user-friendly interface with excellent expandability, the new version of Drupal will be more approachable for new users. 

Refreshed Third-party components

New versions of third-party components have been developed for Drupal. Both coders and non-coders will find it to be more user-friendly, powerful, and secure.

Let’s see a few upgrades for 2022:

  • Symphony 6, the revised version of Symphony, is credited with starting Drupal 10.
  • Updated JS components will replace JQuery UI in Drupal 10.  
  • Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported
  • Upgrading to PHP 8 from PHP 7
  • Drupal developers will receive a new starter kit that will transform how themes are created in Drupal 10.

Modern Front end theme

The administrative panel will get a facelift. Visitors to the page will also enjoy its contemporary appearance.

The Olivero theme was created to fully utilize the possibilities of the new system and to integrate with popular user-favorite features like Layout Builder. The new theme is low-vision accessible: contrast, attention, and scalability problems are not anticipated, and the forms' effective design will make it easy for users to explore and find content.

Automatic Updates

The ability for Drupal users to automatically approve safe updates is listed among Drupal 10's feature lists.

You can quickly update websites built with Drupal thanks to automatic updates. Your websites will be more secure and provide a top-notch user experience as a result. Better security and UX improvements will be provided for your website development by this add-on feature.

The Project Base initiative

The idea of making it simple for site builders to locate and install modules directly from their Drupal site was shown via the Project Browser effort. Drupal 10 is significantly more enjoyable to use. Site builders will find and install modules from the admin dashboard when using the new version.

 Decoupled Menus

REST, JSON, and GraphQL API support is what distinguishes Drupal as a dependable CMS. As more web service endpoints become available with Drupal 10, it will be possible to create a sizable collection of web components and JavaScript framework integrations. The Decoupled Menus feature in Drupal 10 aims to accomplish this. This functionality can be used to develop a small web component that launches quickly and addresses a typical use case.


Final Word

In conclusion, Drupal is the customizable CMS platform that has constantly improved with cutting-edge features and numerous community contributions, all essential in today's competitive era of demanding consumers. 

Drupal 10 will soon be available, so you should get ready. Contact us and we would be pleased to assist, whether you want to start a new project or upgrade your current version of Drupal.


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