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Ikea catalog use augmented reality app to give a virtual preview of furniture in your home


Date 07/11/2017

"Ikea Place" is an augmented reality app that lets consumers try a product in their home before they buy it. The app allows users to place a virtual furniture item or accessory in a room and get a sense of how well it will fit in a certain place. You can get a sense of the size and color in the room, without having to buy the items. 

The app is easy to use, you just have to snap the space, select the item you want and then the app will scale its size automatically, based on the room's dimensions.The room scanning will have 98% accuracy rate. 

The digital object is affixed to space and the overall image of the room will be very realistic. The AR technology will be so precise that you will be able to see the texture of the fabric. Also, you will see how the light is falling on the virtual furniture piece. 

"Ikea place" is the first wave of AR apps announced that will work with Apple’s new ARKit technology and operating system. Ikea will have more than 2,0000 virtual objects available in the app.