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Uniqlo, the Japanese clothing brand is using neuroscience to help find a T-Shirt To Suit Your Mood

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Date 02/11/2017

Have you ever been in a store and didn't know what to choose? In this case, Uniqlo helps you to take the right choice. In other words, what T-shirt would you buy if you choose to ignore fashion trends and let only your brain decide? This is exactly what Uniqlo do, in Sydney, Australia, when launched UMood, a device that monitors our brainwaves.

Customers have to put on a headset that used a single sensor on the forehead to measure their brain activity. After this, visitors watched a series of images that symbolized different types of emotion. In this time, the device analyzed their mood and suggested corresponding T-shirts.

The technology's algorithm used this five metrics -interest, like, concentration, stress, and drowsiness - it measures the user's response to the videos and offers the right T-shirt to match his mood.

The UMood pick of tshirts based on my brainwaves this morning. My mood: 'stormy,' apparently.

— Ariel Bogle (@arielbogle) October 6, 2015

Uniqlo offered color and pattern combinations to map its more than 600 T-shirt designs to diverse moods. 

Australian comedian and writer Benjamin Law, said that this technology is like "Tinder for T-shirts".

Phil Harris, a consumer neuroscientist at brand insight company Nuro and the University of Melbourne, said for Mashable Australia that neuroscience is a good thing when it comes to retail industry: "We know that consumers want lots of choices, but when we give them lots of choice people actually have trouble making decisions," he explained. "I see a tool that helps narrow the range of options ... being really beneficial."

The technology used by UMood, based on brainwave sensing, was designed by the Japanese company, Dentsu ScienceJam. 
And the sensor is made by NeuroSky and is commercially available.

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