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DreamLab App campaign urges Aussies to start their DreamJob - fighting cancer while they sleep

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Date 30/10/2017

The DreamLab app from The Garvan Institute of Medical Research and Vodafone Foundation aims to encourage one million people to fight cancer problems while they sleep.

DreamLab app uses the processing power of idle mobile phones to create “a smartphone distributed supercomputer” that can work on cancer research problems and help to find more effective cancer treatments. 

The campaign, which features actress, model and cancer survivor, Tessa James, aims to encourage one million people to use the app and fight cancer problems. 

The campaign incorporates TV, online video, digital, press, and PR. For more awareness, the campaign includes a LinkedIn element, people who use the application will change their current job title to "Cancer Researcher at DreamLab App"

“It’s never been easier for Australians to contribute to a cause that touches so many of us. We all want to play a part in overcoming this horrible disease and what makes the DreamLab app unique is that it’s an easy way to support cancer research” said Alyssa Jones, head of Vodafone Foundation Australia

Each phone downloads tiny research problems calculates them, and then send the result back to the research team at Garvan.

The Gavan researchers try to understand cancer based on a patient’s DNA profile, rather than the tissue in which their cancer started.

DreamLab App campaign was created by J. Walter Thompson with support from WPP AUNZ agencies Hill+Knowlton Strategies, MEC and Webling.