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The app fatigue and the Progressive Web App cure


Date 26/06/2018

PWA are high-functioning pages that are designed to look and feel like native apps. But one of the benefits is that they don’t require users to go to an app store and download them. They just live within the technology they use for webpages.
Some of the benefits of them is that they can be accessed offline; they’re indexed by Google which means they show up in searches. You can use push notifications using Progressive Web App and they have access to some hardware features such as camera and microphone. Therefore, they have a lot of the same functionalities of a native app, almost all of it, but without the downside of that friction point of making somebody go to Appstore. Lately, it was a massive adoption of PWA, maybe early adoption in these emerging markets where many people might not have access to solid internet.
They also might not have enough storage space to save and store an app. A good example would be a mini-program that you can access without this process of downloading and saving onto the device’s memoy. For example, in China, Weechat messaging platform is evolving, is becoming more like a mobile operating system. The idea of the app was to improve user experience, to make is seamless and smooth.
According to comScore data, users spend much more time in-app than of the mobile web, but the latter has doubled the number of unique visitors in June 2017.
This kind of audience – willing for instant gratification is seeking to serve immediate desire. In a short period of time – maybe just a couple of hours, the wish disappears. That’s why is pivotal for this apps to run as fast as possible and. It’s a mathematical and psychological assumption – of webpages aren’t fast enough, is very likely that the users to search for another digital service and to lose their attention. Moreover, the conversion rate is higher from pages that load faster. According to data, a fast page load means a lower bounce rate as well.

The specific mobile users want to get their answer on the spot. That’s why, very often, they use to add the catchphrase “near me” when searching for services and products.
Since more than a half of searches now are on smartphones, advertisers want to make sure that the web experience is getting better each day.

E-commerce companies and their PWA perfect match     

It’s mandatory for eCommerce companies to deliver a fast and seamless marketing experience if they want to get ahead of competitors. As we’ve already seen, users need to get straight to message, to be rapidly engaged in order to increase conversion rate. The gap caused by the need of going through App Store install process might kill you audience. Happily, progressive web apps managed to save not only the day, but probably the next few years.