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The New Drupal 10 Is Here: Why You Should Upgrade

In Drupal

Date 12/12/2022

There are only a few days left till the much anticipated Drupal 10 upgrade. But what is everyone so thrilled about? And what can you do to get ready before its release?

When will Drupal 10 be available?

Drupal 10 will be released on the 14th December 2022. Since the release of Drupal 8, the Drupal community has released new versions of Drupal gradually. This strategy makes it possible to provide new features as part of a major release and offers an easy way to update to new major versions.

What’s new

New design components and significant changes to your eCommerce CMS are included in the most recent Drupal 10 release. The web and mobile user experiences for your business can be enhanced by the features offered by the new version of Drupal.

The new Symfony version is the primary adjustment that, in a sense, inspired the development of Drupal 10. The Symfony framework serves as the foundation for Drupal, and it is heavily included into the code. Symfony 6.2 will be the foundation for Drupal 10. This has to do with the need to use PHP version 8.1 at the very least.

Drupal performs admirably as a headless CMS. Changes will be made in this area as well in version 10. Decoupled menus, a feature that will make it simple to edit the menu from the administration panel, will be one of the most significant updates in this release. This makes websites built with front-end frameworks like React or Angular easier to use and eliminates the need for developers to make small adjustments to the website.

The new WYSIWYG editor in Drupal 10 is another another fantastic improvement. Since all the code was created from scratch, it is difficult to describe it as just an update of CKEditor from version 4 to version 5. Instead of the DOM used in version 4, the writers employed a brand-new, proprietary data model and architecture. With its extensive API, CKEditor 5 will have many potential for growth and integration with cutting-edge technology like Angular or React.

The Drupal 7 "Seven" theme from 2009 gave off an out-of-date system impression. Seven was replaced by the new "Claro" theme, which was created in accordance with the most recent requirements.

"Olivero", the front-end theme, was created to work with features that are appreciated by users, like the Layout Builder. The administration panel won't be the only thing that changes. The page's trendy design will also catch the attention of users who are browsing it. The Olivero theme will be WCAG AA compliant.

On composer-based sites, the "Auto-Upgrade" feature will be accessible and will allow the Drupal website to securely and automatically update.

Get Drupal 10 Ready

There may have been changes to your website environment since your last upgrade so it’s a good idea to start preparing your site for Drupal 10.

Drupal 9 is already being used to build Drupal 10. The Drupal 10 preparation initiative team states that Drupal 10 will be an improved version of Drupal 9.

The Upgrade Status module will be familiar to those using Drupal 8 or 9. If you use any modules that have been relocated to Contrib, Upgrade Status will let you know if you're utilizing the correct PHP version for Drupal.

Working through the requirements will guarantee that you have a setting that supports Drupal 10 because there will be a to-do list.

Upgrade Status will direct you to upgrade the extensions that are already available for Drupal 10, and Drupal extensions may be compatible with several core versions.

When Drupal 10 is made available, there will be around 11 months before Drupal 9 is no longer supported.

If you are using Drupal 7, you need to know that on November 1, 2023, it will no longer be supported. It won't be updated or supported after this point. An extended support program for Drupal 7 might be implemented once it hits end-of-life, although it will be limited in terms of the number of vendors who can work on issues and the types of issues they can work on.

Your website

Drupal is used by well-known companies and organizations to improve audience outreach. With Drupal 10, the creation, management, and delivery of content will all become easier and more meaningful.

Regular website updates give us security and business continuity, as well as the potential to avoid a significant amount of effort if we decide to transition to a newer version.

You can upgrade or migrate your website with the assistance of our Drupal support team